Maine- Eastern Maine Medical Center announces layoffs

Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor is cutting an unknown number of jobs as part of cost-saving measures.

In announcing the layoffs Monday, President and CEO Deborah Carey Johnson did not specify how many people would be affected, but said the layoffs won’t affect patient care, according to the Bangor Daily News.

Areas affected include obstetrics/gynecology, radiology, patient care administration and the hospital’s printing operation. A total of 14 nurses will also be laid off.

Johnson said the hospital hopes to find new positions for employees affected by the cuts. According to its 2010 annual report, EMMC had more than 3,600 employees. CFO Mer Doucette said the hospital is handling a $4 million reduction in MaineCare reimbursements from the state, and that Medicare payments have dropped by $3 million. The two programs make up 65% of the hospital’s revenues, which were $940 million in 2010.

The Maine State Nurses Association has already filed a grievance related to the hospital’s decision to cut positions from its ob/gyn department as it relocates surgical procedures from the specialized ob/gyn suite to the general operating suites. Spokeswoman Vanessa Sylvester said the layoffs will result in unsafe conditions. Hospital and union officials will meet Thursday to discuss the changes, according to the paper.

Source MaineBiz